Group Projects: The Not So Silent Grade Killer

The infamous group project. Commonly results in angry emails, unfair grading, and an utter lack of faith in your peers. Usually due to idealistic professors who assume all students in their class are actually qualified to be there. Listed below are the archetype students of the college group project.

The Inquisitor
–This person questions every single decision the group tries to make, while never offering any ideas him or herself. Constant criticism is the inquisitor’s strong suit–unfortunately there’s this thing called a deadline. The group has to make some decisions, but apparently this person likes to spend hours at the tables in the EMU fishbowl over-analyzing every part of the project.

The Leader
–The sometimes overbearing and annoying group leader. On the other hand, sometimes they are forced to step up when no one else will. This often results in hours of editing everyone else’s sub-par work.

The Quiet One
–This person does the absolute bare minimum, and is probably proud of it. The quiet one gets his or her work done, but rarely offers any ideas or suggestions. Good luck actually getting a promotion in the real world.

The Slacker
–This person relies on everyone else. He (yes he–not going to lie here–it’s usually a guy) does absolutely nothing yet reaps the benefits of everyone’s work. He is late to group meetings, stumbles around his speech, and doesn’t respond to any emails. But there is a way to seek revenge. Document unanswered emails and lack of work, and have everyone else in the group sign off on it before you turn it in to the professor.

Just when you thought college was better than high school, the inescapable group project comes along ruining grades everywhere.

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