Ever After…at any age!

I was reading my Southern Weddings magazine last night and I came across THE CUTEST little back page article and I almost cried. It’s about Ruth and Jerry Merritt- who both met each other and got married at age 83.

There is some information on their old website but the best part, the Q&A, is in the actual magazine. Here is the excerpt. Read with a Southern drawl in mind.

Jerry: We first met at the dinner table at Cumberland Village here in South Carolina. The first thing that I noticed was that she was a Christian lady and very sophisticated. Ruth: I overheard from my friends that Jerry was the best gentleman around here. The first thing I noticed about Jerry was that he had a lot of character in his face. We’re both old, but we’re going to make the most of what we have. It’s a good time together, and we’re very happy. He’ s a good husband who takes care of things. The secret to a happy marriage is commitment. Romantic love is important, but love isn’t everything. Love by itself won’t guarantee a happy marriage. Marriage is a challenge, but the secret is to find God’s will with one another and commit to it. Jerry: I think love is very important!

Southern Weddings magazine Vol. 3, p. 168

courtesy of http://www.swsmag.net & Donnan photo

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