The Walking Dead

My fiance and his roommates like to watch a show called The Walking Dead, a new tv show on AMC based on a comic book series. It’s basically about people trying to flee flesh-eating zombies in a post-apocalyptic world–something I would avoid watching at all costs. Despite the show’s ridiculous zombie precedent (real original), it does somewhat remind me of one of my favorite shows of all time–Lost. It attempts to explore human nature and the problems we all encounter even in a post-apocalyptic world. Although the show does touch on some analysis of human emotion and the basic elements of human life, the contrast between the utterly unrealistic nature of limping zombies and the attempt to analyze human survival is too much to take the show seriously.

The Walking Dead does not explain how these people become zombies or the nature of their threat, like how they manage to kill everyone while stumbling around at less than 5 mph. The show lacks a thorough story line to back up the real threat of these zombies. The gore of zombie attacks continue to be a large part of the show–distracting from the exploration of fundamental human emotions and needs in an apocalyptic world.  The show needs a little less time on gore makeup and some more on writing and acting.

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead

  1. First and foremost, its a TV show so it doesn’t have the time to go into an in-depth back story on how the zombies came to be, that is beside the point. Secondly, the zombies can infect people by their sheer numbers, people get overrun by them or surprised by them. Also, human nature can be explored in a setting such as this because the zombies are not the main focus of the show, even though it would seem that they are, the survivors are. The zombies are only the mechanisim with which allows the characters to be put in situations that force them to make hard decisions and explore tough questions about society and even politics within their group.

  2. Well said Kalie I am in total agreement on your analogy, I personally made it through one episode just so I could have a voice on what I thought about the disgust that I was witnessing. I prefer shows with a little more depth than just honorific cinematography.

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